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What type of instrument does a turkey play?

Yep, total Dad joke! Are you a light meat or dark meat person? I'm sure our answers tell us something about ourselves, but I'm too busy eating to look into it.I'd LOVE to be your REALTOR®!

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Cold cereal and toast are still good in YOUR home!

How many cooks are allowed in your kitchen? Do you work alone, are all hands on deck, or do you order in?I'd love to be your REALTOR®!#thehelpfulagent #house #houseexpert #home #thanksgiving

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Houses going fast!

The market is hot!  If your thinking you will wait until next year to put your home on the market, re-think that and give me a call! Take advantage of the low interest rates and cash in on the

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New Home? Or previously loved home?

Most recent buyers who purchased new homes were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity. Are you looking for something new or old? What will help you decide?I'd love

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